About The Being Place


From the day of birth to our last day on Earth, each of us embarks on a unique journey. At some juncture in the journey, either through a personal crisis or a sincere curiosity,  wlinkedinprofilee may be compelled to learn healthier ways to experience our way of being.  My mission is to facilitate the conversation within yourself to find and activate the resources, connections, and tools which will help you achieve your vision of a healthier way of being.

I find my meaning and purpose in sharing the tools and mindsets which open the doors to healthier ways of being.  I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals, families, and organizations encompassing government, healthcare, higher education, non-profits and small business in Iowa, New Mexico and Texas.

My  Philosophy

My belief is that every human can find a way of being which brings them contentment and meaning. Our genetic wiring may be determined, yet our way of thinking and being about it never has to be. If your way of doing has led you away from a  healthier and fulfilling way of being, then please contact me. I would be honored to walk with you as you find your place again.

Brenda Henning, M.S., LPC
brenda head shot

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