Do you need help? I do

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Help: to provide assistance to: to contribute aid to; to cooperate with; to succor, to relieve, to remedy, to benefit, to promote; to be of use to; to facilitate, to be of use, to furnish with.

help-is-on-the-wayDisappointingly, or maybe it’s beneficially, nowhere in the Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary does it define help along the lines of someone else being the substitute for the work I must do for a situation or project. All of the words used to define the word help imply that the helper is an adjunct to the individual who is doing the work.  I frequently deny my either wanting or needing help, but I need help with EVERYTHING.

My co-worker Dee always prayed for us at meetings and before meals, when I worked for a Christ-centered university. She was the best pray-er I had ever met. And she always recited Philippians 4: 6-7 in her prayers. “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything.”  Frequently, I forget this instruction of what I should pray about, and I tend to piecemeal my prayers based on my desperation level over of any particular issue. I have pulled out the in perpetuity clause hoping if something has fallen through the cracks in my life, God might just refer back to any previous requests and carry them forward to current dilemmas.

My friend, Gina, informed me that “God does for them what they can’t do for themselves, but we can do a whole lot before God steps in.” Help arrives and I better not be standing still when it gets here or it might pass me on by.

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