Fear is destroying you–you can stop it

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A ruptured pipeline. Image by John Wiley

In the oil industry, rust build-up destroys pipes. The speed at which rust spreads depends on how reactive the pipe is to its environment. Corrosion specialists counteract rust and a pipeline’s natural environmental influences by depositing coating chemicals and shooting electric currents through the main pipe and re-directing the destruction to a secondary sacrificial metal.

Fear is as corroding to my body as is rust is to metal piping. It feels like a million jumping Mexican beans in my stomach and my shoulders sag from the buildup of it. The environment of my mind influences the spread of anxiety, depending on many factors. Today, I kept myself out of highly charged emotional environments, mitigating some of the flow of anxiety. Yet my thoughts are floating, shooting and wandering to places and people flung far from my body.


To bring my body back to now, I coat myself with my breath. In and out, in and out, I redirect my ionic attention and thoughts to the energy held in my shoulders and stomach. The life force of my breath redirects and expels the corroding fear to my lungs and nose and into the Universe. The Universe, though, sacrifices nothing with its absorption of me and instead takes my highly charged energy and expands itself by creating more galaxies.galaxies


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