Five tips to earn money from your cell phone company

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Sprint and T-Mobile are offering discounts generous enough to entice you to leave your current cell phone company.

iphone6-plus-box-space-gray-2014But if you’re like me, you’d almost rather keep paying a higher rate than to go to all of the fussing of switching.


Until you add up how much your loyalty has cost you over the years.

My family and I have been with Verizon for over a decade. When we added up the average cost of our monthly plan for 10 years plus all of the equipment, we’ve spent enough to fund:

a small annuity, or

an economical car, or

a college education, or

a 20 percent down-payment on a home.

When I realized the actual cost of my one-month-at-a-time-for-10-years-plan with Verizon, I also realized I owed it to myself to communicate to them how much my loyalty benefited them and how much my loyalty would benefit someone else if it wasn’t rewarded.

After all, my hairdresser gives me a loyalty reward with a free haircut for every 10 paid visits.

So, I reached out to them and here are my tips (with the shortcut included to save you the time I didn’t save.) I can’t guarantee your carrier will respond the way Verizon did (or if it’s Verizon if they will respond to you in the same way they did with me) but it is worth a try. It might earn you a few hundred bucks and that’s not a bad return on investment of your 30 minutes.


Lowell C. McAdam, Verizon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

* Reach out to your carrier’s executive office. In my case, Verizon trains several executive office liaisons to handle customers who believe the only way to resolve their issue is to go straight to the top. These staff members have the authority to provide more generous discounts than the first-line customer service agents do.

(After you send the e-mail, they will respond within 24 to 48 hours with information on how to contact them further. They want you to call them so they can speak with you in person. This is a positive response that they value YOU, their loyal customer.)

* Tell them the total amount you have spent with them as their customer. It will be an eye-opening calculation for you if you’ve spent a few years with the same carrier.  It may cause you to re-evaluate a lot of expenditures.

* Help them extrapolate in a dollar amount what it means to them if you decide to take up their competitor’s offer. The compensation of the carrier’s top executives are what they are because of the loyalty of customers like us.

* Be willing to cut ties with your carrier if they refuse to satisfy your request. This is a psychological tool for you if you are resistant to change. Some people have a difficult time with change even if the change has a significant positive effect for them.  This detachment will have a subconscious influence on the conversation and allow you to come with more power to the conversation.

* Pat yourself on the back for taking positive steps to act on your own behalf. You will likely receive a positive response from your carrier. If you don’t, then you have placed yourself in a position to be open to other options.

And choices for yourself make it a win-win situation for everyone.

Author’s note: If you aren’t sure how to craft an email that will receive a positive outcome, let me know. I’d be happy to help you by sharing my template with you.

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